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Being Kaal Sarp Pooja experts Guruji have develop expertises in conducting Kalsarp Pooja as Guruji has perfromed more than 5000+ Kaalsarp Shanti Pooja’s till date, and all the Clients(Yajman) get outstanding results immediatly after performing shanti or Pooja Vidhi.

Kalsarp Yog

A person is financially and physically disturbed, mainly because he has child related problems.

Pitra Dosh

A person is always in tenson, he craves for livelihood, he is mentally or physically crippled.

Narayan Nagbali

Performed by families to liberate souls of family members who met an untimely death.



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There are many types of remedies and upay to the kalsarp dosh.

  • Worshipping lord shiva
  • Worshipping nag devta
  • Chanting gayatri mantra and many more

Types of Kalsarp Dosh

There are total 12 types of Kalsarp Dosh. Contact Guruji to remove Dosh from your Kundli.

  • Anant kalsarp dosh
  • Kulik kalsarp dosh
  • Vasuki kalsarp dosh
  • Shankhpal kalsarp dosh
  • Padma kalsarp dosh
  • Mahapadma kalsarp dosh
  • Takshak kalsarp dosh
  • Karkotak kalsarp dosh
  • Shankachur kalsarp dosh
  • Ghatak kalsarp dosh
  • Vishdhar kalsarp dosh
  • Sheshnag kalsarp dosh
  • पितृदोष पूजा
  • विष्णू बली पूजा
  • रूद्र अभिषेक पूजा
  • योग शांती पूजा
  • नक्षत्रशांती पूजा
  • महामृत्युंजय मंत्र
  • वास्तु शांती पूजा
  • नवचंडी पूजा
  • उदक शांती पूजा
  • कुंभ विवाह / अर्क विवाह
  • करण शांती पूजा
  • पंचक शांती / त्रिपाद शांती पूजा

Other Pooja done by Guruji

There are various other poojas conducted by Guruji. Contact Guruji to conduct a Pooja at Trimbakeshwar

Pooja At

Sushant Singh Rajput's Home

Glimpse of Pooja done by Guruji at Sushant Singh Rajput’s home. Guruji also performed Pooja for various people and all of them see a tremendous change in their life. To change your life, contact Guruji at below number.

Sushant Singh

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